St John Bosco Catholic School, Collinsville

Principals Address

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I begin my role here in the wonderful town of Collinsville, at the historically and traditionally rich St John Bosco Catholic School as Principal in 2018. For over 82 years Salesian education at St John Bosco Catholic School has helped boys and girls from Collinsville, Scottville and surrounding pastoral areas grow into young men and women who are good Christians and honest citizens. I am very excited to be able to lead the school into the next phase of its life under these strong values.

In keeping with the spirit of Saint John Bosco, the founder of the Salesians, whereby ‘education is a matter of the heart’ that leads young people to ‘know that they are loved,’ the St John Bosco Catholic School community of today is challenged to be:

  • A home that welcomes
  • A parish that evangelises
  • A school that strives for excellence
  • A playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves

As the new Principal, my overarching philosophy and first and foremost concern for the whole life of each student. Here education is much more than the acquisition of knowledge. It depends on spiritual, moral, social, as well as intellectual development. We as a staff and community recognise that each student has innate gifts and unique strengths. By providing personal care and attention we seek to promote these attributes and develop the student's sense of confidence and esteem. We believe that this is best achieved in a strong community setting, one which Collinsville is synonymous with. Deliberate efforts will continue to be made to nurture a family spirit within the school, so that each student is welcomed, affirmed and supported in their educational journey.

I aim to deliver a well organised, caring environment, with a clear set of values and professional, dedicated teachers encourage each student to achieve their potential.

St John Bosco Catholic School is an authentic Catholic school where Jesus Christ is central to the lifeblood of our everyday activities. His message of love and compassion is the basis of the attitudes and outlook we challenge the students to develop.

With the support and cooperation of the family, the School will provide an integrated and comprehensive educational program that, for every student, promotes faith, encourages excellence, engenders responsibility in their learning and develops respect and dignity for all.

It is with this understanding that I invite you into our wonderful Catholic School community with the knowledge that it is a partnership between parents and the staff, where we all work hard to assist our students to become young people who are good Christians and honest citizens just as St John Bosco envisioned.



Principal: Mr Mark Holmes 

25 Blake Street
Collinsville Qld 4804

P: (07) 4785 5276

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