St John Bosco Catholic School, Collinsville


Staffing 2022

The staffing for 2022 will include Principal Mrs. Nicole Preitz
Our classroom cohorts for 2022  include:  
Prep/ Yr 1: Ms. Dianne Stevens
Yr 2/3: Ms. Erica Grinstead
Yr 4/5/6: Ms. Debra Roberts

School Officers
Office: Ms. Nikkita Hellmann
Library: Mrs Ann-Marie Williamson
Classroom & Learning Enrichment:
Mrs. Tricia Widt
Miss Wendy Buchanan
Mrs. Ann-Marie Williamson


Principal: Nicole Preitz

25 Blake Street
Collinsville Qld 4804

P: (07) 4785 5276

Social Media

We are in week 1 of Term 4
There are 9 weeks in Term 4