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Our Mission & Charism

Our Mission & Charism

Our Charism

St John Bosco is our schools patron. He was a great teacher and pastor.

Through his commitment to providing education, St John Bosco brought hope and employment to thousands of children. Our school follows St John’s strong educational philosophy, aiming to bring joy to the learning experience and living out our hope for each child’s achievements.

What is Charism?

A charism is a divine spiritual gift given to an individual or group for the good of the community. Each religious order has a specific charism, a gift to be put to the service of the Church and the world.

Pope Paul VI was the first to label "charism" specifically in relation to religious institutes. He explained that the charism of the religious life is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, who is always at work within the Church.

A charism touches the very core of our existence and colours everything that we do as human beings. It allows us to see things in new ways, and to understand them even more wonderfully. We absorb a charism as we absorb sunshine, and we radiate a charism as a light pierces the darkness.