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Student Borrowing 

  • All classes have an allocated library time for borrowing from the library.
  • The library is also open during the second lunch break for students to come and borrow.
  • Students borrow time is for a period of one week unless arranged otherwise. 
  • Students may extend or reborrow their books so long as they have not been reserved by another student. 
  • Students must have a library bag to protect the books they borrow.
  • Parents will be required to pay for any damaged, destroyed or lost books.
  • Home Readers are borrowed on a weekly basis. 

Parent Borrowing

Our school has a small but choice selection of books aimed at assisting parents with the issues of raising children in today’s society.

These books are on display in the library and available for parents to peruse or borrow either before or after school.

Clear borrowing instructions are on display with the books and books are available for one month at a time.

Online Library Catalogue

You are free to browse through our online library catalogue but must come into the library to borrow.

Browse School Library Catalogue.