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Passionate and professional, our teachers are dedicated to delivering an exceptional and holistic educational experience for our students.

Catholic Education teachers are given multiple opportunities each year for quality professional development and they are expected to actively embrace change for improved student outcomes. We believe in the value of being life-long learners and we strive to be authentic role models for our students.


Mrs Nicole Preitz

Teaching staff

Prep: Miss Julie Torrisi

Yr 1/2: Miss Erica Grinstead

Yr 3/4: Mr Stefan Cop

Yr 5/6: Mrs Debra Roberts

School Officers

Office: Ms Emma Drake

Library: Mrs Ann-Marie Williamson

Classroom & Learning Enrichment: Miss Wendy Buchanan, Mrs Ann-Marie Williamson, Miss Kahli Hutchings, Miss Jocelyn Cole, Miss Michal Little, Miss Suzy Maltby


Cleaner: Emily McDonald

Grounds: Toni Cillen